A Trip to Chennai – Attending a Birthday Party

As a corporate professional in any field today, it is very hard to for a large fraction of us to cut out some time for ourselves amidst the tight schedule of the workplaceas well as the immense pressurea large portion of professionals need to work with all the time. In fact, sometimes, we even need to work overtime or work over the weekends. Along these lines, it is altogether feasible for a vast part of us to neglect that we need to lay back and loosen up from time to time, for our own benefit.

In my opinion, each one of us must take no less than one holiday a year, to keep cut out some time for ourselves and for resting our mind and body. It is additionally very essential for our mental and physical wellbeing that we unwind ourselves from work from time to time. A friend of mine recently called me to attend a birthday party in Chennai, and I took the opportunity to explore the city and make a small holiday out of it.

I hadn’t had the time to visit any new places for some time now. I have always been passionate about exploring new places, and it was quite unfortunate that I didn’t have the time anymore to indulge my passion. I got a chance to explore Chennai, and I was quite excited about it. I wanted to try out many things in Chennai, especially the delicious Tamil cuisine. I was thus very excited and made my travel arrangements well in advance.

Booking My Train Tickets To Chennai

Being two of the most important cities in south India in all respects and being relative close geographically, there are quite a lot of trains from Hyderabad to Chennai. I had a lot of options, and after a lot of research on the internet and looking at details of many trains, I found that the Chennai Express (12604) is the most convenient train for me as it fit my timetable and also had great facilities. I had a great trip on the train, and some of the best things about the trip were:

Train was right on schedule.
Cleaning crew maintained the train well.
Great facilities such as catering services.

Trains from Hyderabad to Chennai | Image Resource: liveonindia.com
Trains from Hyderabad to Chennai | Image Resource: liveonindia.com

Visiting The Beautiful Marina Beach In Chennai

One of the most popular and famous beaches in Chennai is the Marina Beach. This beach is a major tourist hotspot and a whole evening can easily be spent here with everything there is to do. There are shops for sea shells and related ornamental products, a range of different types of snack stalls and shops, toy shops, and a lot more. The beach itself is quite clean and serene, though sometimes crowded in the evening. I had great fun at the beach and stayed here for a few hours.

A Great Stay At Beverly Hotel, Chennai

The Beverly Hotel in Chennai is a 3-star hotel that offers some excellent facilities and services at very affordable and great prices. The rooms are quite spacious and have all modern amenities available.

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